How Deep Does it Run For You?

I’m grateful for a church family that will work through a study like Seeking Him. This is big boy stuff and it yields big boy results, but, its hard. There is this balancing of overwhelming joy at the deeper promises of God and then you run head on into the severe holiness of God which can be downright scary. It is through understanding that coming to Christ is more about Jesus living in your place than simply adding Jesus to your already busy life that the real abundance of being a Christ follower becomes evident. Hence the battle. Is this life mine, or is it Christ’s? It’s messy. You tend to find out how deep your faith runs when things that matter are stripped away from you. I want to show you a video of a guy that has been used by God in amazing ways, and then, just within the last few weeks had it all stripped from him. Steve Saint is the son of Nate Saint, a missionary that was killed by those he was trying to reach. Steve then went back to that same people group and saw God bring those that murdered his father to himself. It’s an awesome story that was told in the film “End of the Spear” which I highly recommend. Steve is an Entrepreneur, an engineer kind of guy, who has founded an organization that uses the profits from technological inventions to help non-modern people groups become self sustaining. His company is called I-Tech, they have both for profit and non-profit divisions. I-Tech is actually coming to market with what is thought to be the first commercially viable flying car. During a recent experiment Steve was severely injured rendering him mostly paralyzed. As he lay in his hospital bed this video was recorded by his team. Please take a few moments and watch… and as you do, ask yourself… how deep does it run for you?

Thanks for the honor of being your pastor. I love you. Please watch the video here.

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I'm the Lead Pastor of Emmanuel Bible Chapel and married to my best bud, Brenda, for 28 years. We have three grown sons and I use this space to write about life, faith, and the lost art of manhood. Thanks for reading, I will read every comment and respond to every comment I can.
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3 Responses to How Deep Does it Run For You?

  1. Lynda says:

    powerful video. Do you know if his surgery was successful?

  2. Yes, I understand it was. He is now able to stand with help and is beginning his long road to recovery and a very new normal.

  3. Darlene says:

    On the 3rd video of Steve Saint “A Mendicant of God” is a poem that we heard him share a few yrs. ago. Elizabeth Elliot sent it to him at the time of the death of his daughter. It is a powerful thought that when the thorns come they pin back the veil that hides the face of God.

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